Automotive performance is at the heart of your family’s lifestyle and safety.automotive-repair-pg-pic

With your busy schedule the last thing you need  is your vehicle unavailable and tied up in lengthy, inaccurate and costly repairs. Our commitment is to provide effective and quick repairs so your family needs and lifestyle are uninterrupted.

Our specialized diagnostic service can accurately pinpoint your repair needs. Whether you drive a domestic or import vehicle, we follow manufacturers’ recommended repair and parts for all vehicles.



Peace of mind is knowing they are protected from roadside breakdowns. Our maintenance programs help you prevent unwanted problems.

That’s why we can confidently say we are your ‘Dealership Alternative’ in Colorado Springs!



Trucks may carry the heavy loads, but your SUV or Mini-Van carries the precious cargo…your loved ones.suv-repair-pg-pic

That’s why we take extra care to keep your SUV or Mini-Van running as safely and dependably dogs-pg-picas possible. Tires, brakes, ABS and tire pressure controls are just a few of your vehicle’s needs that we will keep well within your manufacturer’s recommended specifications…allowing you  to carry your most precious cargo with the utmost of confidence.

In the midst of a tough economy, we’ll do all we can to keep your SUV or Mini-van running as long as possible! No vehicle runs forever, but you can always trust us to treat you and yours as we would our very own…providing safety and good value without cutting any corners!

Pick-Up Trucks and Off-Road vehicles have long been a part of Colorado road culture.

Our job is to see that doesn’t change!pick-ups-pg-pic

Whether it’s suspension, tires, run-ability, air-conditioning, transmission or engine repair, our techs are up to the job. Our high-tech diagnostic equipment and certified technicians will keep your truck running up to individual manufacturer’s recommendations.

Whether your mileage and usage keeps you on paved roads or you face more severe duty, trust your baby to us, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a mile of beautiful Colorado!