Automotive safety and repair are at the heart of your family's lifestyle. With your busy schedule the last thing you need is your vehicle unavailable and tied up in lengthy, inaccurate and costly repairs. Our commitment is to provide effective and quick repairs so your family needs and lifestyle are uninterrupted. 



We are your premier diesel diagnostics repair and service center in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Our diesel technicians are dedicated soley to diesel repair and service, and that results in a higher quality of service for your vehicle. With our extensive experience in diesel repair we are fully qualified to service your auto, truck, van, and commercial vehicle needs.




Trucks are a part of our Colorado lifestyle! At Alan's Automotive we have a different definition of 'off road'! Our goal is to keep you 'on the road' and busy with your lifestyle needs. Whether your rig is large or small, diesel or not, we can service all your truck needs.

Accurate diagnostics are the key to avoiding unnecessary repairs and assuring you that all your vehicle's problems are addressed. In the end, they will save you time, money and anxiety!

At Alan's Automotive we use state-of-the-art, comprehensive diagnostic equipment in all our repairs, just another reason we say we're your 'Dealership Alternative'.

We leave the guessing to the other guys. Our technicians are ready to provide you with honest evaluations and only the repairs your vehicle requires.

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If you've ever tried to save a few bucks by entrusting your air conditioning to a cookie-cutter, cut-rate a/c shop, you know what it's like to throw money out your car window!

Your vehicle's air conditioning is actually a very complex system that requires experienced, licensed technicians using up-to-date equipment to keep it running in Colorado's ever-changing climate.

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Without a transmission you are just spinning your wheels! Avoid unwanted break-downs and replacement costs with regular transmission checks and maintenance.

Our computerized diagnostic equipment removes the guesswork and assures you are not paying for unnecessary repairs and excessive labor costs. Low fluid levels, or a faulty sensor may be the cause of your transmission problems - so why pay and wait for an entire transmission rebuild? Let our experienced technicians give you the proper diagnosis and save yourself both time and money!





Did you know that regular maintenance really does save you in fuel costs and added repairs? We follow manufacturer recommendations for vehicle maintenance on all vehicles so we can confidently offer dealership quality service. Let us help you set up  regular maintenance so your lifestyle is not interrupted and your pocket book doesn't get the big squeeze!

Your Dealership Alternative

Why is Alan's Automotive & Diesel Repair your Dealership Alternative for Service?

Our diagnostic capabilities take us beyond the average repair shop. Knowing manufacturer recommendations for vehicle maintenance enable us to maintain the same performance levels as dealerships at lower repair rates. We take the guessing out of repair evaluations ensuring you accurate and reliable diagnostics. Serving all of El Paso County and the Pueblo area, why pay dealership repair costs? You can save money and get personalized attention from dependable, specialized mechanics who really care.

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Diesel Repair

We are your premier diesel repair service center.

Diesel diagnostics and repair is the heart of our business. Our extensive experience provides you top notch service for autos, trucks, vans, and commercial vehicle needs. Our performance enhancement systems will not only boost your performance but save you money in fuel costs!

DOT Inspections & Repairs

Don't get caught!  Keep your fleet on the road.

Staying DOT compliant ensures safety, prevents unnecessary fines and delays, and maintains your schedule. Our knowledge of legal requirements along with accurate diagnostics ensure quick repairs to keep your business on the road!



Maintenance Performance

Want to avoid the squeeze? Maintenance is your key to savings.

We set up maintenance schedules and maintain detailed maintenance and repair records so you won't have to. Following manufacturer recommendations for vehicle maintenance helps you save in fuel costs and repeated repairs. 

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1415 Woolsey Heights               
Colorado Springs, CO 80915             

Monday -  Friday  8:30AM - 5:30PM 
Saturday              9:00AM - 1:00PM






At Alan's Automotive we don't just say, "We Support Our Troops", we are proud to have a family history of military service, both past and present. And we offer discounts to all active military personnel.

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