Commercial Diesel Repair is the Heart of Alan’s Automotive 

We understand that keeping your rigs ‘on the road’ allows your business to provide the service your customers have come to expect. Whether it is 1 vehicle or a fleet – we are your dealership alternative for maintenance and repairs!

COMM-TRK-PG-PICOur state-of-the-art diagnostics enable us to pinpoint and quickly repair problems. Our technicians understand and implement manufacturer recommendations–getting you back on the road with the utmost of confidence. Whether you run trucks or vans, we can meet customized repair requests for our account holders and keep your fleet in tip top shape.

DOT Inspection Service 

The myriad of regulations can leave your head spinning! Our years of experience have given us an extensive working knowledge of what is required by law. Following all federal guidelines, we will make sure your business avoids unexpected delays.

Our priority is your priority!

With a wide variety of diagnostic and technical services, we keep a jump ahead of our competitors, and keep you on the road. Over the years, our performance in the field of Light to Heavy Truck service has formed a strong and trusting customer base that we’ve come to know on a first name basis! All services are available including suspension, tires, run-ability, diagnostics, air conditioning, transmission and engine performance and repair.commercial-fleet-pg

Your needs may be hydraulics, tires, DOT inspections, Emission inspection or maintenance, or other mechanical needs. No problem!…We give the same accurate, dependable, quality service to enable your business to keep moving ahead. Whether you have 1 or 20 commercial vehicles, come in and experience for yourself what keeps our customers coming back year after year. We can help you make sure regular maintenance doesn’t slip by your busy schedule and leave your business stranded with unnecessary repairs!

Net 15 or 30 accounts can also be arranged upon request and approval.