Air Conditioning

If you've ever tried to save a few bucks by entrusting your air conditioning to a cookie-cutter, cut-rate a/c shop, you know what it's like to throw money out your car window!

Your vehicle's air conditioning is actually a very complex system that requires experienced, licensed technicians using up-to-date equipment to keep it running in Colorado's ever-changing climate.

Air Conditioning Service...

We will check your entire air conditioning system for a full charge, proper operation and leaks. Roll up your windows and stay cool. Let us keep your air conditioning system running the way it should.


1415 Woolsey Heights               
Colorado Springs, CO 80915             

Monday -  Friday  8:30AM - 5:30PM 
Saturday              9:00AM - 1:00PM






At Alan's Automotive we don't just say, "We Support Our Troops", we are proud to have a family history of military service, both past and present. And we offer discounts to all active military personnel.

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